Career Currency

Career Currency is based on the direct relationship between the four most influential career attributes and how they are measured within your current organisational environment.

Career Currency provides you with a stronger appreciation and ownership of these career influences: Performance, Relationships, Potential & Style.

The objective of the Career Currency process is to assist you understand your professional value within your current employer and in a manner that can be validated through the support of a trusted adviser(s).

Career Currency Model

Possessing a strong appreciation as to the level of personal Career Currency is vital to identifying immediate opportunities for development. The key outcome for you is however to ensure that you are equipped to leverage; remain in, or recover control over your career circumstances.

Typically an accurate self-awareness of Career Currency will allow you to make highly informed career decisions:

  • Where are you at and why?
  • What are your most pressing considerations?
  • What can be done to enact immediate attention?
  • How do you maximise existing career options?
  • What are the longer-term implications or possible outcomes?

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